whAT we Do.

It is not a matter of how or where our client wants the job done; we care about when they want us to deliver. Our core business covers the following areas:

whAT we Do.

It is not a matter of how or where our client wants the job done; we care about when they want us to deliver. Our core business covers the following areas:

Our Main Services

It is not a matter of how or where our client wants the job done;
we care about when they want us to deliver. Our core
business covers the following areas:

Building & Infrastructural Construction

Complete Building Turnkey Projects (BTP), building renovation or refurbishment projects and interior design projects, swimming pool design and construction, etc.

Other Civil Engineering Works

  • Railway Track Network & Signal Works
  • Road Design and Construction,
  • Bridge Design and Construction.

We provide professional and quality services in the following areas:

Project Financing

3C’s capabilities include financing and ownership of projects via off-balance sheet financing arrangements. We can develop a project or acquire an existing facility

Consulting Services

We believe that projects must be validated before going into the implementation phase. Our planning and feasibility analysis process defines the scope of the needed projects.

3C also offers out-of-the-country consultancy services, which include Technical Site Survey exercises (TSS) for Civil Engineering projects.

3C consulting services identifies specific needs of our clients and advices them on necessary professional steps that must be taken to achieve the needs within the scope of best global professional practices.

Site Engineering (Survey & Design) and Signaling Works

Sites are unique in topology, soil conditions, physical location and orientation. In order to assess these differences and establish a detailed site design, a Technical Site Survey is carried out.

3C has a number of experienced survey teams made up of architects, civil and electrical engineers who conduct site surveys & produce design documentations for approval by the client, our surveys provide the following information:


  • Site Photographs, Exact Location & Measurement of site
  • Soil Investigation & Technical Site Survey (TSS) to establish type & design of foundation
  • Site Earthing and Lightning Protection
  • Assessment of site in terms of flooding & environmental degradation
  • Proper site analysis
  • Network Signaling and Communication Works
  • Site Security and Protection Details (SSPD)
  • For the effective maintenance of sites, As -Built documentation is produced by the survey & design team upon completion of the projects.

Quality Assurance...

Quality Assurance means meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of our services. This starts at our design office with stringent criteria for self-certification. Our quality assurance team is well equipped with modern tools to test and evaluate all types of structures and equipment related to our core line of business:

  • Building Design and Construction
  • Road and Railway Construction
  • Bridge Design and Construction
  • Facility Management and Maintenance Services


Building and Road Design & Construction

We construct high quality asphalt roads as well as roundabouts, culverts & drainages of excellent quality.


We have designed, constructed and commissioned various residential, commercial and industrial building projects.

Site Supervision

Starting from pre-construction site meeting to presentation of site report, 3C assures proper documentation for referencing.

From release inspections to site acceptance inspection, 3C ensures safety and proper planning.

 From coordination of all relevant parties at site acceptance for each milestone to the provision of snag list for deficiencies and corrections, 3C ensures that the job is done and the client is satisfied and happy.


Civil Works for Building Construction & Infrastructural Projects

3C has a team of professional architects and civil engineers who have acquired wide range of experiences in the building and civil engineering industries. Thus, we deliver services on building and civil engineering construction projects and post-occupancy maintenance works, which cover the following areas:


  • Construction of residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings, facilities and infrastructures.
  • Construction and installation of interior design works and finishes.
  • General building maintenance and facility managed services.
  • Affordable housing solution such as supply and installation of containerized residential houses, box mall, pop-up retail mall, and offices; and other forms of modular buildings.
  • Design and Construction of swimming pools ranging from residential to recreational pools.
  • Design and Construction of steel structures such as warehouses, factories and bridges.

Project Management

This aspect of our work includes the overall Project Administration for all our services as well as the interface with our client and his customers. Our expert project management services include competitive selection processes, design and budget management, construction oversight, and schedule adherence.

3C provides Project Management as a separate service to clients, should they opt for a turnkey solution in the Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Power and Building Construction industries. We offer services for development projects which start with an initial planning and feasibility analysis phase to justify the project and finishes with occupancy by satisfied end users of the facility.

Managed Services... it’s our speciality.

A primary focus of the company is to ensure the satisfactory maintenance of all projects, systems and power solutions. Using qualified professional and experienced personnel who have been imbibed with a professional maintenance culture we can guarantee to our clients an optimized availability of facilities. Managed Services provided for service sites include:


  • Maintenance of Standby Generator (including AMF Panel)
  • Maintenance of Air Conditioners
  • Maintenance of Hybrid Power Systems
  • Maintenance of Electrical Systems (Rectifiers etc.)
  • Supervisory Systems
  • Diesel Supply
  • Construction site janitorial works (Site Cleaning)
  • Site Logistics
  • Site Security and Protection
  • Building Facility Management and Maintenance services.

Smart Homes

3C provides you and your family with a safe, secure, smart, comfortable, colourful and green home environment using Robotics Home Automation (RHA) IoT solutions.

Simply connect any of your existing electronic devices with the easy-to-setup LifeSmart station and take control of your surroundings with the LifeSmart app. Every electric device is now available at your fingertips bringing you peace of mind and a comfortable lifestyle. Making the world f possibility a home.

3C solution, home of the future available today. Smart life, better life!
SAFE. SECURE. SMART The new standard for home construction and renovations for Commercial Office Developers + Multifamily Developers + Hotel Builders + Industry Developers 3C is one of the smart home brands in Nigeria.

Other Services

The services we provide are driven by customer demand, based on our professional approach to solving problems; we offer the following services as well:

  1. Structural Engineering (Structural Analysis)
  2. Geotechnical Investigation (Soil Investigation)
  3. Electrical Engineering (Emergency Power Generation)
  4. Resource Personnel – temporary provision of specialized personnel to clients.


Diversified Business

… constructing is not the only way we serve people!

Casting Crown Company (3C) have other means of satisfying our customers and they include the following:

  • Post-occupancy services
  • Supply and installation of specialized equipment, tools and machines
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